15D Hollow Slick Conjugated

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15D Hollow Slick Conjugated

Nowadays, with variety demands from customers, Vikohasan JSC has been producing a lot of kind of new products to meet such requirements. Recently, with our extraodinary efforts from restless production team, we have successfully invited our own new flame retardance PSF. The fiber sample has been submited and approved by Intertek, which means it can totally be applied for almost all over the world. For details, please click here.

Conjugate polyester fiber is coated with special oil after being produced by bi component hollow spinning technology of heterogeneous polyester. 15D Hollow Slick Conjugated (HCF) will be able to meet your anticipation about high quality non-woven and stuffing use with its superior bulky property, high resilience and lightweight, flame retardant property and slick touch which is generated through three dimensional helical structured and permanent crimp and special coating.

High Bulkiness: Three dimensional helical structured crimp through conjugate spinning provides very excellent bulkiness to the fiber.

High Resilience and Durability: Resilience and durability are superior because of the natural crimp.

Light and Soft: The hollowness of Hollow Slick Conjugated (HCF) gives it lightweight and natural softness.

Flame Retardant

Applications of 15D Hollow Slick Conjugated

Padding: Various Clothes, Padding for Bedding

Stuffing: Toy, Pillow, Cushion, Other Furniture Use

Production item

Type: HCF
Luster: SD
Denier: 7/15D
Length(mm): 32/51/64/76
Remarks: Soft padding/ High loft padding


If you have any questions regarding quality, supplying ability, dont hesitate to contact Mr. Leon. Email: sale05@vikohasanfiber.com.vn. Tel/whatsapp/wechat: +84363842271. We are always here to support customers with our best.



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