3D Hollow Conjugated-AAA

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3D Hollow Conjugated-AAA Semi-Virgin.

Having the whitest color in the 3D product lines, 3D Hollow Conjugated-AAA Semi-Virgin is the great choice for customers who request the very high quality products. For evaluation, 3D Hollow Conjugated-AAA Semi-Virgin is as 95% as Virgin Fiber. We nearly cannot tell the difference between Semi-Virgin and Virgin because they look exactly the same.

3D Hollow Conjugated-AAA

The table below shows detail characteristic information of 3D Hollow Conjugated-AAA Semi Virgin Fiber:

No Item Unit Control Limit
1 Linear Density dtex 3~5
2 Number of crimp number/25mm 2~3
3 Moisture Regain % 0.30 ~0.60
4 Resistant Ratio (anti-static measurement) 7.0×106; 9.0×108
5 Double length Fibre mg/100g ≤50
6 length Deviation % ±8
7 Nominal length mm ±32
8 Faults mg/100g ≤500
9 Oil pick-up % ≥0.15
10 Stretch Rate cm³/g
11 Stretch Rate cm³/g ≥50
12 Stretch Rate cm³/g ≥120

If you have any question or inquiry about this products as well as Vikohasan JSC, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Leon through email: sale05@vikohasanfiber.com.vn or via whatsapp: (+84)363842271. We are always welcome and willing to answer all of customers questions and requests. Vikohasan JSC is the leading manufacturer of polyester staple fiber in Vietnam, and can supply psf with competitive price. With our remarkable ability, we have been exporting our products to many countries from different continents such as America, Mexico, Brazil, India, Yemen, Poland, Holland, Italy,…. and still expanding the market.

Other than 10D Hollow Siliconized, Vikohasan JSC still supply a lot kinds of polyester staple fiber. Please click here (Vikohasan catalogue) to see our full product list.

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