VIKOHASAN JSC – Proud to be Selected as One of the 35 Pioneering Enterprises Sponsored by USAID

VIKOHASAN JSC – Proud to be Selected as One of the 35 Pioneering Enterprises Sponsored by USAID


The pioneering business support program attracted about 800 businesses to apply to participate

We are incredibly proud and delighted to announce that Vikohasan has been selected as one of the 35 pioneering enterprises to receive sponsorship from USAID to enhance our competitive capacity. This milestone marks the relentless efforts of the entire Vikohasan team in improving product quality and services, while also promoting sustainable development for our business.

Why is this a significant opportunity?
🔹 Capacity Enhancement: With support from USAID, Vikohasan will have the opportunity to access training programs, consultancy, and technical support from leading experts. This will help us improve our production processes, enhance product quality, and increase business efficiency.
🔹 Market Expansion: Participating in this program allows Vikohasan to reach new markets, especially international ones. We will be supported in developing market access strategies and connecting with potential partners.
🔹 Sustainable Development: USAID’s support focuses not only on enhancing competitive capacity but also on sustainable development. We will be guided to apply best practices in environmental protection and social responsibility.
Thank You for Your Trust and Support!
This success would not have been possible without the trust and support of our valued customers and partners. We are committed to continuing our efforts to deliver the best products and services, meeting and exceeding your expectations.
Join Vikohasan on our journey towards growth and success! Thank you for always being with us!

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